Thursday, December 4, 2008


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"Jon, I have made a lot of headway this past month. Thank you very much for writing what you have! If you were anywhere near me I would have to run up, throw my arms around you and give you a great big hug!

Here are my official results:
April 19, 2007
Weight: 204 | Body fat: 31% | Fat pounds: 63 | Lean Pounds: 140
Weight: 196 | Body fat: 24% | Fat pounds: 48 | Lean Pounds: 147

I lost 15 pounds of body fat and put on 7 pounds of lean muscle! I am VERY excited about this!"

Barb Bilodeau
Poland, ME


"Man, I can't believe how inspiring your new book is.

That's powerful stuff—all those pictures, personal stories, and how-to, rolled into one package."

Charles Burke, Japan
Author, Inside the Minds of Winners
Author, Command More Luck


"Fit Over 40 is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning how to lose fat, build lean mass, and improve their overall quality of life. If you're looking to make a lifestyle change, you should be taking lessons from those who've already succeeded!"

John Berardi, PhD, CSCS
Faculty Member, University of Texas
President, Precision Nutrition


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